xCR Cup Remover

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A feature-rich automatic cup remover. Easily retro-fitted to replace the electronics of most existing ACRs without changing the mechanical components. It has a wide range of adjustable parameters, including sophisticated control of cluster vacuum control valves, vacuum or pressure takeoff RAMs, retention bars and Pulsators. A clever slow-takeoff feature slows the takeoff rate in the first half eases cup lift and prevents high-speed RAMs ‘flicking’ cups across the pit. Three flow-rate sensing modes (auto-sense, fixed threshold and maximum time) prevent over milking for improved herd health. If Pulsators are connected to the xCR all cups are forced open during takeoff for cow comfort and Stimulation automatically increases the pulsation rate to promote let-down of slow-milking cows. Optional infra-red Cups Up/Down transmitters for rotary platforms add cluster-drop and improved Retention Bar control. Many, many more features make the xCR one of the most sophisticated and reliable Automatic Cups Removers on the world market.