DT Professional Software update

Upgrade your DairyTest Professional software to the latest version.

DT Professional software version 14H

V14H Release Notes


DTPC Software

PC Software for your DairyTest Professional. Allows viewing and printing of recorded data, management of client farms and backup/restore of DairyTest memories.

DTPC PC Software V2.5 B1000 Full WI Install

If you have problems with the WI install version, try this one:

DTPC PC Software V2.5 B1000 Full PD Install

If you already have V2.0 or later of DTPC software, you can save time by just downloading the exe file.
Once downloaded, simply replace the existing DTPC.exe file with this one:

DTPC PC Software V2.6 B1002 .exe only

V2.5 Release Notes