Dairy Test X - Essentials Kit

  • $4,375.00

InnovAg’s latest tester has been designed from the ground up using experience from 30 years of robust, reliable dairy instruments. Built specifically for the modern technician it uses latest-generation technology to take milking machine testing to the next level.

Large colour touch-screen - big, easy-to-read pulsation graphs and lots of room for measurements without having to change screens.

Huge memory capacity – room for lots and lots of farms and saved recordings.

WiFi – directly connect to the internet for updates and automatic time-of-day synchronization.

USB - for external Flash drives and options.

Machined Acetal enclosure - super strong, water resistant, inbuilt stand.

Two internal Vacuum/Pulsation ports - measure directly without external devices.

Lithium Ion battery – long life, fast charge, lightweight.

Comfortable shoulder strap – Padded, four stainless-steel mounting points on enclosure.

ISO test regime – cutting-edge, intelligent, graphical, fast and easy to use. Walks you through a full test and easy to go back and do a missed step.

Super-fast pulsation – From connect to measurement in about 5 seconds (60 CPM).

Dairy-wide summaries - see Pulsation like never before with numeric and graphical summaries.

Customizable report – Set your own dealer details and logo.

Smart software updates - directly from the internet via WiFi. Notifies when a new version is available.

DairyTest Lite as remotes – Have multiple testers doing Pulsation/Clusters/Taps on the same dairy to save time. All results go wirelessly to DairyTest X. Use a DairyTest Lite for remote vacuum readings during airflow tests.

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We recommend all users upgrade the DairyTest X to the latest version.

In most cases the DairyTest X can be updated on the unit over WiFi from the update menu

*If you require assistance with updating the software, please contact us here


DairyTest X User Manual - English

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