MultiControl Air Injector Controller

  • $1,480.00

Controlled timing of an external air-dump valve for effective Milk Line cleaning. Includes a Purge function so valuable milk is flushed into the tank prior to cleaning. Delay, Inject and Purge times are all digitally-adjustable from the internal panel. Air Inject and Purge can be set to auto-start or initiate on external contact closure. Requires and external 12V or 24V power supply.

MultiControl is an innovative range of high-technology dairy controllers that are highly reliable, economical, versatile and easy to set up.

The Air Injector Controller manages operation of a dump valve to inject air into the milkline for more effective washing. In addition an air purge system can be controlled to evacuate fluid in the milkline at appropriate times.

Automatic air purge has two main advantages:
1. Valuable milk remaining in the line is flushed into the tank prior to washing, rather than going down the drain.
2. During washing cold water from the previous cycle is flushed out to avoid cool-down of the next wash.

Inject start on power up or external input.
Adjustable inject time (1s to 7s).
Adjustable delay time (5s to 50s).
Air purge controlled automatically or by external input.
Adjustable air purge time (30s to 120s).
Multi-colour front panel LEDs show inject, delay and purge status.
Requires external power supply.

Power supply voltage: 8 - 48VDC, 7 - 36VAC.
Purge contact max. voltage: 100VDC, 250VAC.
Purge contact max. current: 5Amp DC, 10Amp AC.
Purge contact max. switching power (resistive load) 2,500VA 150W (NO), 1,662VA 150W (NC).

Operating temperature: -5 to 40°C.
Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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