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The Digital Vacuum Gauge is an accurate replacement for old dial vacuum gauges. The large easy-to-read 3-digit display includes a bar-graph Liner Wear indicator which warns when liners need changing. Specifically-designed to replace dial gauges, the measurement system includes special damping to prevent digit ‘bounce’ during small vacuum instabilities but still responds to large vacuum drops. Includes a ‘Fast’ mode for technician use during regulator adjustment. Uses InnovAg’s digital calibration system with no manual adjustments for excellent long-term accuracy.

Digital Vacuum Gauge

The DVG is an accurate digital vacuum gauge for dairies that monitors liner wear with a continuous bar-graph display of remaining liner life.

The gauge has a large, easy-to-read 3-digit display, with a damped response to prevent display instability common with other digital gauges. It also has a Fast mode (low damping) for technician use during testing.

Input voltage: 10V to 32V DC, 9V to 24V AC
Pressure range: 0 to 80 kPa Vacuum
Accuracy: ± 0.3 kPa typical, ± 0.6 kPa max
Repeatability: ± 0.3 kPa
Resolution: 0.1 kPa
Response time: 30s (Normal), 3s (Fast)
Operating temperature: -5 to 40°C
Storage temperature: -20 to 80°C
Liner Replace Limit: 2500 milkings of 15min each.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


How do I engage Fast (Technician) mode?
Slow response to vacuum changes can be inconvenient when performing an equipment test.
Fast Mode temporarily makes the unit respond faster to vacuum changes.
• Press and hold the button until the units ( kPa and  inHg) flashes then release.
FAST mode automatically cancels after 20 min or if this procedure is repeated.

How do I reset remaining liner life?
When new liners have been fitted the remaining liner life counter should be reset to 100%.
• Press and hold the button until the units indicator is removed and the digits and liner bar graph are flashing indicating the value is about to be reset. Continue holding the button down until the display stops flashing and shows 99.9.

How will I know if the vacuum is unstable?
DVG will detect if the vacuum is unstable (drops by more than 4kPa from the average) and will flash the decimal point for 5s each time a drop is detected. The displayed reading is not affected by the drop. The Unstable indicator is not shown in Fast Mode.

What if the DVG shows all LCD segments and Yellow LED on, but does not read vacuum?

On power-up, DVG will turn on all LCD segments and the LED so you can check everything is working. If the supply voltage is low, DVG will not progress to vacuum reading mode.

Check the supply voltage is within specification.

What if I need to return my product?
Please complete the contact form so that innovAg may help you with your concern.


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