DairyTest Lite

  • $2,750.00

A sophisticated measurement tool for Dairy Technicians. Includes accurate Vacuum, Pulsation, Vacuum Recorder and Vacuum Regulation functions. Two fluid-protected vacuum ports, colour touch screen, large memory capacity (max 5 sessions of up to 200 stalls each) and an icon-based user interface make DairyTest Lite an ideal tool for ISO testing. Reports are generated in pdf format. When plugged into a PC USB port the unit appears as a standard USB FlashDrive so reports can be easily transferred for printing and archiving. To ensure measurement integrity inbuilt diagnostics include user-initiated port Leakage and Response-time tests. Uses InnovAg’s digital calibration system with no manual adjustments for excellent long-term accuracy.

DairyTes Lite is an easy-to-use update of the industry standard DairyTest Pro. Designed to meet demand for a smaller, intuitive and state-of-the-art pulsation measuring tool, new features include:

  • Colour TFT touch screen.
  • Built-in report, viewed and printed via PC / Mac / tablet without software installation.
  • Lightweight, rubberised, IP53 enclosure.
  • Non-volatile data storage.
  • New valve purge system to protect against water ingress.
Designed, built and serviced in Australia. Maintaining the high standards set for today’s dairies requires test equipment that can keep up wtih modern dairy technology. Furthermore, the adoption of ISO testing standards demand that results be obtained with higher accuracy than ever before. With its digital calibration, DairyTest Lite meets these needs and its real-time pulsation measurement system helps to keep testing costs down by reducing reading and analysis time – especially where large rotary platforms are involved. DairyTest Lite features measurement reporting viewed via a web browser, thus promoting ease of data accessibility needed to communicate efficiently in today’s business environment - from printed reports to emailing...
DairyTest Lite Kit contains:
  • PC interface lead USB A to MINI B
  • test tubing
  • AA eneloop batteries
  • battery charger
  • car charger
  • lanyard
  • foam insert
  • carry case

4 inches 800x480 pixel TFT colour LCD, with capacitive touch screen.


  • Maximum, average or minimum.


  • Ratios – A+B, B, C, D  in % or ms
  • Rate – CPM
  • MaxVac
  • Limping (A+B1 – A+B2)
  • Balance  (B1 – B2) 
  • B-Phase drop
  • Instability indicator


5 Sessions each containing up to 200 pulsation memories and 12 vacuum memories.

Rate Range: 40 to 500 CPM.
Rate accuracy: ± 0.5%.
Ratio accuracy: ± 0.5% of calculated value.
Time (ms) accuracy: ± 0.3%.

Range: +10 to -80 kPa at 1 atm.
Accuracy: ± 0.5 kPa
Repeatability: ± 0.3 kPa
Resolution: 0.1 kPa

Sample rate: 1000 samples/sec.
Operating temperature: 5 to 40°C
Storage temperature: 0 to 60°C
Automatic turn-off time: 10 minutes after last key press
if no vacuum on port.
Batteries: two ‘AA’ Alkaline or NiCd/NiMH rechargeable cells (supplied/recommended).

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ALL InnovAg testers include:

  • Digital calibration with certificate supplied.
  • Re-calibration service available.
  • Selectable units: Vacuum – kPa & inHg, Pulsation ratios (where included)  – % and ms.
  • Pulsation measurements (where included) conform to ISO standard with stability indication.
  • Auto power off and low battery indication.
  • Automatic vacuum zero (with manual zero if required).

What kind of batteries can I use?

DairyTest Lite will work with either alkaline or rechargeable batteries (NiCd/NiMH); however for the best runtime, use the rechargeables supplied.

What if I need to return my product?
Please complete the contact form so that innovAg may help you with your concern.

Touch Screen not responding correctly.

Turn unit off and on again, making sure nothing is touching the screen. The capacitive touchscreen auto-calibrates on power up and can get miss-set if the screen is being touched during power-up.

How often do I need to calibrate my DairyTest Lite?

Calibration interval is 12 months.

DairyTest Lite Software V2.5.0

DairyTest Lite User Manual - English

Pulsographe LogiPuls Manuel Utilisateur

== Software v2.5.0 ==

We recommend all users upgrade DairyTest Lite units to v2.5.0.

Changes since v2.4.1:


  • Faster Pulsation measurement
    The 5 cycle average for ISO6690 compliance (‘unstable’ indicator turns off) now occurs in 5s to 6s for 60CPM Pulsation. Previously ‘Stable’ was reached in 8s to 10s.

  • Pulsation Summary Tables added to report
    The minimum, average and maximum of each pulsation parameter is shown in a table for ‘Before’ (e.g. Stall 26), ‘After’ (e.g. Stall 26*), and ‘Most Recent’. The latter will show the average of the newest-saved Stall memory, e.g. if Stall 26 and Stall 26* are saved Stall 26* will be used in the calculations. If only Stall 26 is saved that will be used. This table effectively shows the range of pulsation values for the entire dairy as it was at completion of testing. If a Stall required maintenance a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ memory should be saved, otherwise only a ‘Before’ will exist.

  • Improved Regulation Graph vacuum scale
    The Vacuum range of the graph in Regulation mode has been changed from 0kPa – 60kPa to 20kPa – 60kPa to better highlight undershoot and overshoot issues.

  • Easier to delete Vacuum Recorder graphs
    A ‘Delete’ button has been added to Vacuum Recorder mode so a bad recording can be deleted and restarted without having to save then delete the memory.

  • Hourglass shown while generating reports
    While a report is being generated an animated hourglass is shown indicating the system is busy.

Coming in next version:

  • Report printing issues
    Pulsation graphs are not printed correctly on all commonly-available browsers. Currently only Firefox reliably prints the report. A fix is nearing completion but requires extensive testing with every available browser for both Windows and Mac before release. A new version which prints correctly will be released soon.

Pulsation test tubing

Pulsation test tubing
Internal tube
and filter kit